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Messagefrom CEO

Global pharmaceutical market is rapidly growing especially in the developing countries.
Japanese market is steady growth like other industries. However, Japan is facing an extreme aging society. Therefore, the reduction of medical expenses is one of missions of Japanese society.

Besides, as the supply security is especially important for medicine, we must avoid shortage and delaying the supply of materials even in an unexpected disaster.
Furthermore, we believe that we can obtain trust and confidence from customers only with our strict quality control.

To achieve our mission, we will
  1. Introduce competitive products which are widely accepted in the global market.
  2. Enable customers to secure the stable supply of product supplied from global supply points.
  3. Offer the intelligible quality control.


We believe that our way of action will create an additional value for the society. And we continue to create new customers by satisfying customerfs requirements with our actions. And we aim our own growth and spiritual wealth of family by the contribution to the society.


  1. Our role is to provide valuable works to customers.
  2. We would propose new way by reviewing commercial custom that had become old dated.
  3. We would aim gDelighted customerfs satisfactionh all the time.

Product range for Pharmaceutical Packaging

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